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We are SBitsoft web development - an agency that deals with web development in the field of internet marketing. You may find a wide range of services, and extensive portfolio of works on our website. Our team grows extremely fast: we work in Israel, Europe and CIS countries. Each member of our team improves their professional skills for Internet projects. We are happy to partner, therefore we have developed several options for cooperation aimed at mutually beneficial business development.

Our partner programs allow you:

To provide your customers a wide range of services, using our web development and technologies. You may offer our services to your customers, partners and friends.

To receive a wholesale price for the services of our company or a fixed commission on the client who come to us on your recommendation.

To find a reliable business partners.

To get a preferential terms on services.

The HR manager helps you to find specialists (for example, product or project managers, technical support or customer service specialists) abroad for your project, taking into account your wishes and needs.

You get working with us:

A professional contractor with a great experience and a portfolio of clients of any level;

A personal manager, with whom you can always quickly contact via e-mail, or WhatsApp. Also, you get access to the corporate portal (CRM), where you have an opportunity to control the work done, access to the control card of the hours spent on work with your project. You will be able to be part of the development process without being personally present;

The manager who communicate with your clients, evaluate the level of complexity and daily communication on the project;

Our prices are pretty good and competitive;

We are always ready to negotiate and discuss your terms

We bring to your attention several cooperation programs:

The Partnerships and Cooperation Program


If you have a potential customer, but there is no experience in project management and there are no specialists for the implementation of the project, then we are ready to work on subcontracting or you can transfer such a project to us. At the same time, you receive a partner reward.

How does it works?

There are two options:

Option 1

We evaluate the level of complexity of the project. Then we work on behalf of our own and keep all documentation and accounting, transfer you a percentage of the amount of the contract.

Option 2

We work with you under a subcontract agreement. You conclude all contracts with clients. At the same time, we work with you at our prices, but you tell your clients your own prices.

You receive a partner reward for every client who comes on your recommendation or you can choose any services in our company for this amount - it is your choice.

Recommendation program


How does it works?

A new client applies to our web agency, and informs us and you about it. When the contract is signed and payment is made you receive your bonus according to our agreements. Payment is made upon the money transfer from the customer to the company's account.

We are ready to provide partner rewards from 10% to 25% depending on the work scope, the final cost of the project, management and other agreements.

To discuss specific terms of cooperation, contact us:

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