CRM systems

CRM system is an integral part of business success! The development of an individual system according to the personal requirements of your company will allow you to automate relations with customers, adjust the productive and operational part of the processes between the company departments, make the interaction with clients and partners more effective. As a result, a well-designed system saves a considerable workforce, improves division efficiency, and allows managers to monitor business performance more closely.

Our developing skills

Unique CRM

Development of a CRM system for the specific needs of the business, taking into account all the needs and specifics of the company`s activities.

API Integration

We allow you to intergrate any of your used solutions and products

Refinement of ready-made systems

Continued refinement of ready-made Open Source CRM-systems according to the custemers’ needs

Enhanced system security

All important information is stored on your servers, you will always be fully confident in information security.

What is the difference between individual CRM and "boxed" software product
CRM developed excusively for the needs and infastructure of your business
Ability to create and integrate any API to suit your business needs
Data is stored on your servers, information about your customers is safed
It is possible to refine the new functionality when new tasks appear
There is no service provider value for the number of users, leads, consumption, or new modules that are useful to you
The redundancy of universal functionality that stops you in your daily work, but does not include the required functionality for you, thereby allowing you to use external software.
The provider of our ready-made CRM systems will not modify the product specifically for you, they will set up a price for improvements 2-3 times higher than the market price for the work.
The code of a ready-made CRM system will never be yours, if you are dissatisfied with cooperation, you risk losing your investment, time to change a new system.
Often the client finds out about paid technical support or other hidden fees already at the time of using the system, carefully read the user agreement

Integrating or creating a shared API will add the benefits to your system and your users` user interface, realising the practical action in one system, thereby making sure the experience of the product is rich and functional.

Payment Systems
Accounting programs

Unique CRM systems for your business from 4300€, how much will you pay for several years of using a rented CRM system?

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We design for you
  • Readymade or personal?
  • What it is for?
  • Main page (Dashboard)
  • "Requests" table
  • User profile
  • Booking calendar
  • Client module
  • Task module
  • Trade and Online Store
  • ATE module
  • Stock module
  • Report module
  • Payment systems integration
  • Mailing module
  • HR manager module
  • GPS module
  • Email module
  • Additional modules for other industries
  • Our CRM systems are already used
    Courier companies
    Logistic companies
    Mobile operator companies
    Schools and kindergartens
    Sport halls
    Insurance agencies
    Financial companies
    Project development process
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    We work according to the SCRUM method, so we always plan work beforehand to carry out tasks collected and fast. Our team will save your money, time and nerves as a result. You will get a quality product that will meet the requirements of your target audience, thus your business will achieve the an earliest success than your competitors.

    Familiarizing with the customer's goals and vision and learning about their characteristics
    Creating the technical structure of the site while considering UX UI
    Creating a unique design with an emphasis on CX insights in user experience
    Development in a variety of Web, Native, Cross-platform, and Hybrid technologies
    QA testing - assessing the product's quality level and durability
    Support and maintenance of the website, marketing analysis, and optimization
    Website promotion on Google - keyword research, link building, content writing, page optimization, and more...

    For your project you need a serious team

    Project manager

    UX & UI specialists





    Business analyst

    System architect


    Payment terms

    Payment terms depends on the project size.




    In the middle of the project


    Bafore the deadline

    Alternatives: hourly pay or long-term staff rent.

    Payment methods

    We accept the following payment methods

    • MasterCard
    • VISA
    • WebMoney
    • Bank
    • Transactions
    • PayPal

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