ERP systems

Our company develops individual ERP systems for the full interaction of production chains, planning the work of departments and efficient management of business resources. Our solutions are suitable for small and large businesses in any industry, with the help of an ERP system you can automate business processes, create a single management tool for the entire organization, optimizing the work of each department, providing the necessary management system and a set of tools to optimize work.

Our developing skills

Individual control system

Development of an ERP system for the specific needs of the business, which can simultaneously perform tasks for sales, employees, goods and accounting.

API Integration

We connect any third-party modules to the developed ERP system

Refinement of ready-made systems

Continued refinement of ready-made Open Source ERP systems for the needs of the client

Enhanced system security

Data is stored on your servers, information about your customers is safed

Data security

All your data, including customer data, is kept as secure as possible.

What is the difference between individual ERP and "boxed" software product
Owners of ERP systems are not willing to develop additional functions for you or if they do, they will usually do so at prices that are 2 or 3 times higher than market prices
In contrast, the system we are developing for you will never be owned by anyone other systems, If you are not satisfied with the collaboration, you may lose the money invested, waste time and embed processes in a new system
Often, off-the-shelf ERP systems do not have technical support included or have additional fees in the contract that you may not have known in advance. It is important to verify this before starting work
The system is 100% customized to the internal organizational needs of the business
Ability to create and interface with any required API for your business
Data is stored on your company's servers, all information about your customers is in a safe place
You will always be able to continue developing the system and adapting it to your work environment, according to the growth and development of your business
There is no longer a monthly subscription fee for the service provider, based on the number of users you consume, the number of leads from landing pages, or the modules and functionalities you need in your business
In ready-made systems, many functions are actually unnecessary for your business, interfere with the day to day work and slowit down. In contrast, there is a lack of efficient functionality that is tailored to your needs. As a result, you are forced to use other auxiliary systems

Integrating or creating your own API will add a lot of benefits to your system services and your users` experience, allowing you to perform the necessary actions in one system, thus making your product rich and efficient.

Payment Systems
Accounting programs

Unique ERP systems for your business from 35.000 NIS, will increase the productivity of departments, save resources, realize unique business goals

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  • What it is for?
  • Main page (Dashboard)
  • "Requests" table
  • User profile
  • Booking calendar
  • Client module
  • Task module
  • Trade and Online Store
  • ATE module
  • Stock module
  • Report module
  • Payment systems integration
  • Mailing module
  • HR manager module
  • GPS module
  • Email module
  • Additional modules for other industries
  • Our CRM systems are already used
    Courier companies
    Logistic companies
    Mobile operator companies
    Schools and kindergartens
    Sport halls
    Insurance agencies
    Financial companies
    Project development process
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    We work according to the SCRUM method, so we always plan work beforehand to carry out tasks collected and fast. Our team will save your money, time and nerves as a result. You will get a quality product that will meet the requirements of your target audience, thus your business will achieve the an earliest success than your competitors.

    Familiarizing with the customer's goals and vision and learning about their characteristics
    Creating the technical structure of the site while considering UX UI
    Creating a unique design with an emphasis on CX insights in user experience
    Development in a variety of Web, Native, Cross-platform, and Hybrid technologies
    QA testing - assessing the product's quality level and durability
    Support and maintenance of the website, marketing analysis, and optimization
    Website promotion on Google - keyword research, link building, content writing, page optimization, and more...

    For your project you need a serious team

    Project manager

    UX & UI specialists





    Business analyst

    System architect


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    Payment terms depends on the project size.




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    Bafore the deadline

    Alternatives: hourly pay or long-term staff rent.

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    We accept the following payment methods

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    • WebMoney
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