Technical task

Technical task development is one of the most technically demanding projects in web development and online portals. Based on years of experience we can infer that clients often do not pay due attention to technical task creation. The result of such projects is «sad». Due to the absence of a detailed and subpoena instruction that takes into account all the processes and conditions of site development, customer cannot set clear tasks and goals for the developer. Therefore, the developer cannot calculate an indicative project budget and, as a consequence, programmers often spend working hours inefficiently and rework projects several times. You can avoid such problems. The only thing you have to do is to order a technical task in our company with all working conditions: programmers, designers, layout designers, and third-party services integration.

Your project will involve

Project manager

UX & UI specialists


System architect


Useful information
  • The importance of the detailed characterization

  • How to form a technical task

  • Payment

    Payment terms

    Payment terms depends on the project size.




    In the middle of the project


    Bafore the deadline

    Alternatives: hourly pay or long-term staff rent.

    Payment methods

    We accept the following payment methods

    • MasterCard
    • VISA
    • WebMoney
    • Bank
    • Transactions
    • PayPal

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